Is There Money In The Check Cashing Business

This last week, the unemployment check was stuck in cyberspace and if I didn't contact their office, the check would have remained floating in their system. I knew that this check was going to be made on a Saturday, after the Banks had closed. Do not tell me about direct deposit, which would have avoided this problem, I am in fear of a Bank levy which would swoop down and eat all my funds, notwithstanding the fact and law that states unemployment checks can not be taken.There is a certain greedy Bank that is taking all the funds, because they think they're above the law.

Did you know that some banks hold employee check deposits for up to 1 week? Moreover, some banks are charging up to $8 to cash a check, even if they're the bank that issued the check. When you are interested in check cashing business; find out more about The best Payday Loan service in Atlanta Georgia.

The nice man at the check cashing place told me to go to a local Spanish store on the corner who likes to cash government and state checks. I really thought he was kidding, but I went to the Spanish store, and they cashed the check without one problem. I was so relieved and happy that they cashed the check that I bought some stuff there, instead of Wal-Mart.

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